Thursday, May 5, 2011

Too Much Technology, Not Enough Life!!

I have decided that there isn't enough life in this blog and there is just too much technology.   Don't worry though, I will still post my regularly geeky posts on here.  I will just mix it up from time to time, especially if the post is on the weekends, with other lively things that aren't necessarily .NET or CRM related.  Today I will present you with two pictures I have taken over the last few years.  They are very different, but I like them both a lot, and for different reasons.

#1.  Adelyn (my daughter) being very excited.

Seriously, whats not to get excited about.  I am 14 months old and everything is new to me.  I love life, I love you, I love the dog, I love my teddy bear, I love, I love, I love.  She is so full of wonder right now and just so  funny.  I think this picture captures so much.  My only wish is that I could Photoshop the toilet out of the background, but that would take work that would distract from my CRM posts.

#2.  OH DEAR GOD!!

I love this picture because I absolutely hate arachnids.  Well not exactly, but I do hate arachnids.  This picture was taken at Cornerstone Music Festival in Illinois.  The reason I love it is that I have never really seen a picture like it, ever....

This picture was taken with my first digital SLR, an EOS 10D that I think had a 2x telecommunication on it with a 300 n' somthin MM lens making this like a 940 mm shot or something silly like that.  If you pay attention to the focal length it's a few millimeters or something.  There is just no way I should have capture this the way I did.  I used the on-camera flash that comes with the 10D along with one of those tiny three-legged bendable tripods you can buy for 10 bucks on E-bay.  I might have also had a hand in placing the ant in the web.  Although, the spider really decided to show up after that to complete the shot.

I know this won't help you with anything tech or CRM related but I hope you enjoy it.  I am a human, not just some CRM code robot, I promise!!  :)


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