Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is Surface Pro a Virtualized Environment on the Tablet?

On this inaugural day of the Surface Pro I got the 128 Gb version with the Type Cover (blogging on it right now). 

I tried to see what kind of serious chops it had and I thought I would try to install Battlefield 3 to test out the processor and graphics power vs my 3 year old machine that drives Battlefield 3 pretty well. 

It wouldn't run after the install and gave an error saying that "This game will not run on a virtualized environment".  So there isn't anything out there yet as I fear I might be the only one to try this so far on the first day. 

I am about 97% through the download and install on Battlefield Bad Company 2 on Origin right now and so  should be able to let you know soon if it works with older versions of the game.

- Jamie


  1. I've been searching for someone who's attempted the same thing. I can't seem to run anything through Origin.

    1. Battlefield Bad Company 2 worked. It was "playable" but I think it lagged enough that I had a distinct disadvantage.

    2. Is that launched through Origin? I've yet to find a game I launch there that will work - tried 3 so far.

    3. Also, BF2 works great on Highest quality.

    4. Also Metrofail, I needed to browse to the directory where the game is stored and run the updater from there as administrator. After that I could launch it through Origin.