Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Connecting to CRM 2011 Through iOS (initial thoughts)

There is a good chance that in the near future I am going to have to start writing some CRM 2011 connection stuff for iOS.  Also, someone on LinkedIn asked me today what my thoughts were.

Some initial ideas:

I don't write much Objective-C. We use Xamarin quite a bit at RBA, which allows us to write most of the app once (in C#) and then just re-write the UI layer for iOS or Android.

For the connection you can do a couple of different things. Depending on what the app is for, you can create a SOAP-based .NET web service to broker the connection and pass data back and forth, otherwise you can usually use something similiar to a SOAP-only client like the one that is here: (again, this will only work if your underlying app is still C#)

Here's some other great general information and links on non-.NET client development.

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