Thursday, October 4, 2012

VB.NET Soap Logger for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Updated For OSDP / Office 365 Environments

I have updated my CRM 2011 VB.NET Soap Logger tool.  It now works with Office 365 / OSDP orgs.  Please check it out.  It's based very heavily on the C# version included in the SDK.  It basically allows you to write VB.NET code to the organization service and log the soap for the request and response.  I also put the new version in CodePlex now that I see there will be some minimal maintenance associated with the tool.

Get the new version of the tool here:

Here is a link to the original informational blogpost on this tool

- Happy Thursday!


  1. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for sharing updates about SOAP logger tool.

    Out of curiosity, in all most all of your blogs you prefer to use SOAP call, especially in JavaScript code.
    I never saw that you used oData/REST calls in your client side code. Are there any specific reasons?

    1. Most of my work to date has been integrating other web systems with CRM. That's probably the bulk of it. I have planning to do a bit more on this in the future. I know I need to start covering it more in depth and dealing more with that side. I did touch on some of it (using Dynamic type) and things in a couple posts dealing with Silverlight.

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