Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Current State of the WinRT Connection Code for CRM 2011

So, for the last week I have been working with the CRM 2011 connection code for WinRT released here:

Below are some general observations:


  • It appears that they have covered their bases and things are pretty well set up Office 365 Online orgs and IFD on-premise orgs.  It seems like this would be workable in those particular scenarios.
  • Easy connection methodology built in.
  • Native connection from your app to CRM 2011.


  • Is not currently set up for AD auth on-premise orgs
  • While the authentication mechanism technically supports WLID authentication, there is no built in mechanism that I can find to to register your device and get a device username and password.  This presents a problem and makes this scenario unworkable for Windows Live auth for windows store apps where because before you could use the application you downloaded you would have to download the CRM SDK and run the command line tool to register your device and use it first.

- That's my two cents right now.

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