Thursday, April 25, 2013

Strange Address Behavior On Account and Contact in CRM 2011

I have noticed that if you put a customer address sub-grid on an account or contact form you can see the two out of the box addresses that are created when you create the record.

Just a note about these.  Do not delete them.  If you do the record won't work right and you will not be able to update your record until you re-create them.


-Happy Thursday.


  1. small but useful post ,Thanks for sharing this information .

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  2. The only reason they don't show up in the normal associated view you see when you click on "More Addresses" is only because the associated view for addresses explicitly filters out address number 1 and 2.
    You can change this view definition to see this in action, but I would generally be wary of exposing these addresses directly to users.

    1. agreed, because if they remove them, it wonks up the record until they are recreated. :)