Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dynamics CRM Org Merge Part 2: The Sandbox

So, if you haven't been following, I am working on a project where they have both a CRM 4.0 organization and also a CRM 2011 Organization and they need me to merge them into a single organization.   This is a bit of a different scenario than the norm in the Dynamics world but I am hoping to gain some economies of scale by utilizing the upgrade features of CRM 2011 even though we are not doing an upgrade.

Basically here is what it looks like:

Here are the steps:
-  We will create a new organization in the CRM 4.0 environment.
-  We will move the customizations to the new org but not data.
-  We will attach the database to the CRM 5.0 environment and thus upgrade it.

This will do a few things for us:
- Will give us a clean environment to test upgraded customizations in before moving them to the real development environment to see what worksand what needs to be remediated.
- Can easily move things like jscript, web resources, plugins, workflows and entities that don't already exist in the current 2011 system as it makes sense as solutions.  Some things like workflows would otherwise need to be re-built entirely based on our scenario if we didn't have this upgraded space.




  1. Hi,
    Do you have loads of users using Outlook client 4.0? if yes you will get issues with duplicates and sync history.

  2. Jamie,
    Step 2 from your list involves moving the customizations from one crm 4.0 org to another. Do you have an utility to do that (I have used one, which leverage sthe customizations.xml file).

    If you do not have an utility, and the cutimizations are huge, here is my suggestion:
    1. Export 4.0 db, import/ upgrade to 5.0
    2. Create a solution and add you customized components. Make edits to components as needed.
    3. Move solution to existing crm 2011 instance

    A little off topic, but most of the issues I have seen with a 4.0-5.0 upgrade had to do with either site map or ribbon. Its been some time though, so its possible the rollups would handle them better now.