Monday, April 15, 2013

CRM Gamified Can Help You Boost Your User Adoption for CRM 2011!

The topic of gamification is not new, but CRM Gamified just released a great solution that allows you to apply it to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Gamification plays on ones natural competitive instincts (like playing a game), but in a non-game context.

Gamification can be useful in the CRM context as user-adoption can be lackluster when users aren't incentivised properly to use the new system.  By turning it into a game of sorts you can improve the drive towards full-adoption.

Here is a terrible picture of me from Convergence 2013 trying out one part of their app.

At least I won an XBOX 360 for my humiliation.  :)   But seriously, I recommend you check out their solution at

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  1. You achieved a great score Jamie and was a pleasure to have you in our booth!.

    Enjoy gamification ;-).