Saturday, September 27, 2008

Map Custom Attributes from Opportunity Product to Quote Product to Order Product and so on in Microsoft CRM 4.0

It is possible to map custom attributes from opportunity product to quote product to order product to invoice product within CRM.  The best part about this workaround is that according to a recent Microsoft support case I opened, this is a supported workaround.

I will demonstrate this by going from quotedetail (quote product) to salesorderdetail (order product):
In SQL Server Management Studio.  Run the following query:
Select * from entitymapbase where targetentityname = 'salesorderdetail'
This query should return three items, we care about the row with a SourceEntityName column value of "quotedetail".

Now copy the GUID value of the EntityMapId column for that row.

Then I use this URL, and at the end of it I paste the GUID that I just copied:

This gives me the secret hidden mappings that I was after, between "Quote Product" and "Order Product".  It is just another normal CRM GUI relationship mappings form.

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