Friday, July 29, 2011

My 70-565 MCPD Enterprise .NET 3.5 Study Guide

So I have now passed all six exams to achieve the MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) Enterprise 3.5.  It's been about two years in the making.  Here is a list of the materials I used.  I also included a complete list of all the MSDN articles I found useful broken out by topic and subtopic for the exam.  You should find this helpful.

Practice Exams:
Transcender exam pack for 70-565

Books I found helpful in studying for the 70-565:

MSDN and Microsoft Web Resources


By Exam Topic and Sub Topic:

Envisioning and Designing an Application (21 percent)
  Analyze and refine the logical design of the application
  Analyze and refine the physical design of the application
  Analyze and refine the database design of the application
  Analyze and refine the integration strategy
  Identify the appropriate technology
  Analyze technical feasibility
  Analyze security requirements
Designing and Developing an Application Framework (25 percent)
  Choose an appropriate implementation approach for the application design logic
  Define the interaction between framework components
  Define a validation strategy
  Define an event-logging strategy
  Define a monitoring strategy for specific characteristics or aspects of an application
Designing Application Components (23 percent)
  Create the high-level design of a component
  Define the internal architecture of a component
  Define the data handling for a component
  Consume components
  Define a strategy for exceptions and other component feedback
Stabilizing and Testing an Application (17 percent)
  Define a performance testing strategy
  Define a functional testing strategy
  Perform integration testing
  Perform a code review
  Resolve a bug
Migrating, Deploying, and Maintaining an Application (13 percent)
  Create a deployment plan
  Analyze the configuration of the production environment
  Analyze performance monitoring data
  Analyze logs