Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Problems Activating the SharePoint 2013 List Component

If you are having problems activating the SharePoint list component for CRM 2013 and SharePoint 2013 and the activate button is grayed out. You can try the method below if you didn't install SharePoint on a domain controller.


If you did install CRM 2013 on your domain controller like a lot of us Pre-sales guys used to do in the SP 2010 days, just slap yourself in the head right now.  It appears you are beyond hope and need to break out your SharePoint server to another box that is not a domain controller.  That's what I did today....  :(



I found another reference to this same thing being the issue too but now I can't find it again.  I never found anyone that ever got around it in any other way than breaking out the servers.

It worked for me also.  I still had to provision the code hosting service (top link+), but after I did that it worked fine.

Happy Tuesday.................................... :P