Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CRM 4.0 Event.mode Syntax Killed at Some Point in CRM 2011

Don't know why (or with what Update Rollup) event.Mode was removed, but in UR-15, event.Mode does not work as documented here:


It's alright though, in CRM 2011 they have a new construct documented here you can change your code to utilize.


Just  a quick tip for your Tuesday in case you install UR-15 and bump into this!

UPDATE:  It helps to understand how to pass the context as the first parameter as shown in the blogpost below, if you are having trouble after reading the documentation below, check this out:

UPDATE 2:  It seems that this might only be a problem if using IE 10.  There are other CRM 4.0 syntax items that won't work properly for IE 10 that I bumped into also yesterday, but most things still work.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Demo Builder is Building Demos on Dynamics CRM 2013

I built a CRM demo for a client the other day using Demo Builder ( http://demobuilder.cloudapp.net/ ) .  This tool is such a great starting point for demo's because you get a lot of great extra's and demo data that would take you awhile to put together in your own personal organization.  It also comes pre-configured with the out-of-the-box SharePoint integration already set up, along with the partner and customer portals already configured in Azure.  Lots of good stuff.

I had asked a Microsoft representative when the demo builder would start building demo's on CRM 2013 and they stated sometime later in November.  Evidently that came sooner than expected because it is building demo's on 2013 now.  If you do the standard demo (still labeled Polaris) it will build a 2013 org with the demo elements configured..

--Happy Tuesday!