Friday, August 24, 2012

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Compatibility With .NET 4.5

I have been doing some tests lately and have had a lot of luck recently with .NET 4.5 being compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  I haven't run into an unsuccessful scenario yet but I am wondering if anyone else in the community has.

According to this KB article it seems to be compatible since Update Rollup 8:

Here is what I have tried so far and all of these worked:

  • Creating applications that talk to CRM compiled in 4.5 that reference the 4.0 assemblies included with the SDK
  •  Registering 4.5 compiled plugins using the plugin registration tool (also recompiled to 4.5).
  • Using new .NET 4.5 functionality in plugins (required 4.5 framework to be installed on server and a server reboot)

Interestingly enough my first .NET 4.5 plugin fired successfully even though .NET 4.5 wasn't installed on the CRM server.  You only need the 4.5 framework installed if you use new 4.5 functionality.  When I added some new code functionality in my plugin it did fail on that line of code until I installed the 4.5 framework on the server and rebooted.  That fixed the issue and the plugin fired normally.

I am wondering if anyone has found anything that doesn't work so far?  Let me know!

-Happy Friday!


  1. A good question is: how do you *install* CRM11 on Win2012 that has .NET 4.5 by default?

    1. I don't think there is anything different, but I haven't done a WIN 2012 install yet. If you are having problems you should ask a question in the forums.


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  2. hi
    Have any one tried registering plugin, developed with .net framework 4.5 ,with MS CRM 2013 online.
    I am getting exception with the plugins.If i try plugin with .net framework 4 then it works correctly.It seems issue is with MSCRM 2013 online instance.
    any solution for this

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