Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dynamics Xrm Application Speed Builder Project Kicks Off!

I have just kicked off a project to build an application that will hopefully help immensely in the porting of standard database driven applications to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The vision is pretty simple:

  • Analyze the database schema (first db targets will be MySQL and MS Sql Server)
  • Allow user to decide what tables should be made into custom entities in CRM and create them
  • Analyze foreign keys between between tables in database that correspond to custom entities and build      appropriate relationships.
  • Allow user to determine on a per-table basis what fields should be added as custom attributes.
  • Allow user to determine which of those custom attributes should be placed on the application form.

The current team is (more to come in future most likely):

  • Jason Lattimer - Developer
  • Maarten Docter - Developer
  • Thomas Canaple - Developer
  • Myself - Coordinator /  Developer

There is a project live on CodePlex for you to follow if you would like at:

Just understand that there is no code released as of yet as the project still hasn't been coded.  :)


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