Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Use CSV Files not Application Adapter to Migrate From Salesforce.com to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with Scribe Insight

I have done a couple migrations from Salesforce.com to Microsoft Dynamics CRM these days and this time I ran into a quick gotchas I thought I would point out.

Use exported .CSV's to migrate data using Scribe from Salesforce.com.  Save the Scribe application adapter for Salesforce.com ongoing integration with other systems.

There are two reasons for this, it is faster, and you won't bump up against the SFDC dreaded 24-hour API usage limit.

SFDC BUG:  In the .CSV exports when trying to migrate OpportunityContactRoles to the stakeholder connection in CRM I found a bug.  In the Scribe adapter you could  see the isPrimary boolean value to denote a primary contact on an opportunity, which is on the form.  This just wasn't there in the .CSV exports from SFDC.  I don't know if other entities have issues like this where certain schema elements are missing from .CSV data dumps, but it's worth noting.

- I hope this helps!

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