Tuesday, January 27, 2015

ADFS Self Signed Certificates and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

ADFS Self-Signed Certificates are used for internal encryption and are separate from your SSL certificates.   You can sometimes experience a situation where these internal certificates auto-rollover.  when this happens it will bring CRM down.

Below is a blog that has a fix for this that seems to work if you follow all the steps to a T:


Additionally there is a way to push the date out using Powershell to make the renewal duration more like 5 years instead of every 365 days.

- Happy Tuesday!


  1. Exact same problem I had last month. Would be great to have the Powershell commands extending the renewal. Thanks Jamie.

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  3. We ran into this comparison of self-signed cert vs. commercial cert in regards of token signing half a year ago, and we finally ended up using self-signed certs in our production. So far so good.
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