Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slow xRM's Video Collection and 66x48 Icons in CRM 2011

Today is a little different and I will just highlight a couple quick things.

Slow xRM has a great collection of over 100 instructional videos for CRM 2011 over on his site here:

Also, on a funny note, I found out the other day that the 66x48 icons (what a weird size anyways) that you can enter in CRM 2011 for an entity aren't actually used for anything.  Thanks to Jim Daly at MSFT for pointing me to this article and clearing that up.  I spent gosh knows how much time over the last year or so stretching my normal icons to make that goofy size.  I guess it was all for nothing.

- Have a good Wednesday!


  1. That size was the nice perspective icons used on forms in CRM 4.0
    Deprecated in CRM 2011 but nobody seemed to know for ages, and the user interface still has everything horribly wrong.
    Now you just need 16x16 for navigation and lookup icons in all places in IE and Outlook, and 32x32 (with perspective and reflection if you can be bothered) for the forms in all clients.
    Much easier, png with alpha transparency for everything (no need for .ico anymore!).

    1. It is all nicer in 2011 in my opinion. You just can't find a 66x48 icons easily out there for free, so you have to create your own or stretch them, and then they look funny.