Friday, February 10, 2012

You Got Questions, We got Answers!

I get a lot of questions directed to my personal email through my account.  I like to help people answer their questions, but if it's not a direct inquiry that pertains directly to a post on my blog, I would ask that you direct your questions to the official Microsoft forums.    

This is a couple of good reasons for this:

  • You get more exposure!  More eyes are always better in these situations; because, let's face it, I don't know everything, and sometimes I just don't have time.  More people seeing your question means a better chance at getting an answer.
  • Other people might have the same question!  If the question is answered in the forum it can turn up easily in a Google or Bing search or people searching the forum.  This helps more people.
Here are the main forums for CRM:

General CRM Questions:

CRM Development Related Questions:

CRM Deployment Related Questions:

These three forums are general access and heavily used so you don't need to be a partner to use them and you can be pretty sure that some very smart people will see them.



  1. Excellent point, also you are likely to get an MVP who has knowledge in that specific area as well as lots of other answers from people who have probably done something similar to your question

  2. Totally agree, but unfortunately a lot of forum visitors don't know what is google or bing and they keep posting the same questions...

    1. I know I have had to purposefully restrain myself from redirecting people to a link before. If you haven't gone there before I really, really recommend it. Good for a laugh.

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  4. Hi..,
    I created soap request for MS_CRM to get data from there and push data from our server.Unfortunately it is not working for the past 2,3 weeks. It showing error like "ID3242: The security token could not be authenticated or authorized". Do you have any idea about root cause of this error?

    1. hehe. If you read the post above there is a link to a forum that is perfect for this kind of question.

  5. Hi Jamie,
    I am designing a solution to load users into CRM from active directory and map the active directory groups to crm user roles. I am able to fetch data from AD and create them as users in CRM. Now when a user is deleted from AD, I need to disable them in CRM. By setting the "isDisabled" flag to true, the user is disabled. However when I try to enable this user in UI, I get a SQL error. Have you come across a requirement like this?

  6. Hi Jamie,
    How can I add or remove a resource(facility/equipment) from resource groups by code (Plugin) ?

  7. hi Jamie,

    My client is facing a strange error. When they navigate to Sharepoint folder through CRM 11.0 outlook 2010 client , javascript error msg pops up saying " an error has occurred in the script on this page, Access denied". When client tries to access folder directly or through CRM navigating to Sharepoint then he can access with no error.
    I wonder is this the same problem what has been discussed in this blog. Please guide.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

  8. Hi Jamie,
    I have a problem. I've moved my CRM2011 to other domain. I backup and restored myorganization_MSCRM and "MSCRM_CONFIG data base, but when I want to import my organization in deployment manager I've got this error: "Name translation:could not found the name or insufficient right to see name"
    Please help me.

  9. Hi Jamie,

    I am listening and did post my query on the MS forums suggested - no joy sadly as they seem quiet at the moment.
    But just wondering - do you, or do you know anyone who takes on consultancy work on Dynamics SOAP stuff? I have a rapidly approaching deadline and while I can get data out without issue, putting data back in (even following your examples) is not playing nice.

    Appreciate any pointers if you do know of anyone.

    Thanks so much for this blog! It's really been a life saver.

  10. Hi Jamie,
    I tried to integrate MS dynamic CRM with my website contact form which may result in creating new contact in CRM when user submit the form in website. How to achieve this using SOAP, Javascript, etc.. Is there any article or post related to it