Friday, June 24, 2011

70-503 WCF .NET 3.5 MSDN Study Links By Exam Topic and SubTopic

Here is another Nial Merrigan style post covering the 70-503 that I just passed with a 972/1000. As part of my study I put together a set of links from the MSDN by topic and subtopic. It's a little trick I picked up from Nial, who is truly a certification guru. Here is my study guide.

70-503 by topic

Creating Services (19 percent)



·        Define Service contracts.

·        Define Data contracts.

·        Define Operation contracts.

o   WebGetAttribute Class  - uri template


·        Define Message contracts.

·        Process generic messages.



Exposing and Deploying Services (23 percent)

·        Create and configure service endpoints.

·        Manage consistency between life cycle, sessions, concurrency, and bindings.

o   basicHttpBinding  (Broadest Number of web service toolkits, has transport security)


o   WAS


·        Host a service in a managed application.

o   Hosting

·        Host a service on a Web server.

·        Create custom behaviors.

Instrumenting and Administering Services (11 percent)

·        Implement end-to-end service tracing.

·        Monitor service health.


·        Log messages.

o   WCF errors end up in application event log



·        Dynamically configure the service by using the service model.


·        Implement inspectors.

Consuming Services (16 percent)


·        Create a service proxy.

·        Configure the client endpoint.

o   Configuring Client Behaviors


·        Call a service by using a service proxy.

·        Handle exceptions on clients.

·        Consume non-WCF services.

Securing Services (16 percent)


·        Implement transport-level security.

o   basicHttpBinding  (Broadest Number of web service toolkits, has transport security)

·        Implement message-level security.

·        Authenticate clients.

·        Authorize clients.

·        Impersonate clients.

Managing the Service Life Cycle (15 percent)

·        Manage instances.

·        Manage sessions.

·        Manage transactions.

·        Manage concurrency.

·        Manage consistency between instances, sessions, transactions, and concurrency.

·        MISC


I hope this helps!

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