Thursday, June 2, 2011

ISSUE!! Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Rollup 2 Breaking Outlook Client Functionality?? - FIXED - NOT ROLLUP 2

I have seen at least three people so far having problems with CRM 2011 for Outlook since Rollup 2  a couple days ago  I thougth this was the result of the rollup but I am hearing now that I was wrong.  It just happenned to happen around the same time.

It seems now that this has been resolved my MSFT!  So we can all go back to using our beloved Outlook clients with CRM Online



  1. One of the users in my organization is having issues with Outlook client integration with the CRM 2011 Online. Outlook keeps crashing whenever the add-in for the CRM in Outlook is activated. I tried everything from making changes in the registry to reinstalling the complete office suite. When nothing worked I called Microsoft Tech Support and they suggested I should use the Rollup 2. After reading this post I am now confused as to what to do!! Thanks for the Post Jamie !!

  2. After reading my own comment I feel I might sound like I am being sarcastic in thanking you. But, I am not. I am really glad that your shared your knowledge here. So seriously, Thank you :)

  3. Ankur,

    What Microsoft is suggesting confirms my thought that in CRM Online they applied the update and that is breaking the outlook client.

    They are suggesting that the fix is that you install the rollup 2 for the outlook client. So if you haven't installed it yet I would do that. They introduced something in the rollup 2 updates that is incompatible with the rollup 1 client. So I would do as they have told you.

    I hope that helps!

  4. Thanks for the reply Jamie. I'll try it out and keep you posted !!

  5. It turned out that this was not a problem with rollup 2, it was just a problem with CRM Online that happenned at around the same time as rollup 2 was released. It appears that they have already resolved the issue.

  6. HI Jamie, what was the Issue then?

  7. They didn't say. It was something that broke CRM Online Outlook client functionality. It happened to occur around the same time Rollup 2 was released but MSFT claims it wasn't the result of the Rollup 2 updates going into Online. That's about all I know.

  8. hi Jamie,

    My client is facing a strange error. When they navigate to Sharepoint folder through CRM 11.0 outlook 2010 client , javascript error msg pops up saying " an error has occurred in the script on this page, Access denied". When client tries to access folder directly or through CRM navigating to Sharepoint then he can access with no error.
    I wonder is this the same problem what has been discussed in this blog. Please guide.
    Thanks in advance for the help.