Friday, June 3, 2011

Update Roll-up 1 Outlook Client is Incompatible with Update Roll-up 2 (at least as applied to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online)

It appears that update roll-up 2 is not compatible with the update roll up 1 Outlook client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  The same day that Microsoft Released roll-up 2 there have been several people complained of strange errors.  This is mainly seen where customers are using CRM Online at this time and it appears that installing roll-up 2 fixes the issue.

Update 1: as of 6/3/2011 Microsoft's suggested fix of upgrading to update rollup 2 to fix the problem is not working for some CRM Online clients.

Update 2 :as of 6/3/2011 Microsoft says it will have a fix out within 2 weeks.

- I hope this helps!

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