Monday, January 23, 2012

CRM 4.0 Legacy Endpoints Faster than New 2011 Endpoints?

I have noticed an interesting trend out there lately for implementers of CRM 2011 to opt to use the legacy CRM 4.0 endpoints instead of the 2011 endpoints due to their differences in speed.  So far I have seen this in a couple of implementations recently.   I have also talked to another consulting company recently that is doing a lot of the same thing.  I have even heard that Microsoft will even recommend this practice at times when there are problems with performance using web service calls.  

I am curious if there are any of my readers that have run into the same thing.




  1. I use that technique myself but just to make a 4.0 and 2011 compatible application. I thought 2011 endpoints were faster...

  2. Personally I haven't noticed a problem with speed myself. I wonder if some of these people opt for the version 4 endpoints due to familiarity of the proxy objects returned?

    1. In the situation I mentioned above it was definitely a performance issue.

      I do know that some people also do it for the reason you stated though or also because they know the development syntax better.

    2. I suppose given a bit of spare time you can easily test performance. However if there is a major performance differences I would hope Microsoft would look in to it. I wouldn't really consider going back to version 4 end points. I'd be worried that Microsoft might decide to depreciate the end point given time.